Welcome To The Corte Bella Adventure Group

Our Adventure Group was established for Corte Bella Country Club residents, their friends and family.

Arizona offers a wide array of beautiful hiking trails. Our group will hike within county parks, preserves and wilderness areas, national forest and other public lands. The hikes will be a minimum of four miles and at most 10 miles with an easy, moderate, or strenuous rating, depending on the groups previous activity level.

While beginning primarily as a hiking group, we are expanding the cycling events for those that enjoy cycling by itself or hiking and cycling. We also schedule kayak events, horseback trail rides, shooting events and always looking to expand our adventures with new ideas.

With some exceptions, our hikes will be on Tuesdays, Seven or Eight AM,  meeting in the parking lot in front of Anacapa. Other events are scheduled on the hiking Tuesday or the weekends.

Hikes will run the beginning of October to the end of April taking a hiatus during the summer heat.